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Point Group: See polytypes. As hexagonal prisms, tapering toward one end and vertically striated. In divergent ¯brous groups; cylindroidal, reniform, massive. Twinning: Twin axis [001]; interpenetrating trigonal pyramids Variety of the chlorite mineral chamosite, a hydrous iron and aluminium silicate mineral. Usually found as small green scales deposited on other minerals, particularly to which it is closely related.

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Silicon 7.03 % Si 15.04 % SiO 2 A low-temperature hydrothermal product in ore veins. Cronstedtite Image. Comments: Pyramidal crystals of cronstedtite. Location: Santa Eulalia, Chihuahua, Mexico. Scale: Not Cronstedtite Crystallography.

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Name Pronunciation: Several polytypes are known (see Crystallography section). Recently a new non-MDO polytype, 6T2, was discovered in Pohled, Czech Republic (Hybler et al., Cronstedtite is not a common mineral but it is not extremely rare and Mindat lists 37 localities (2010). It was recognized as a species since about 1890. By far the best locality for specimens appears to be the Herja mine in Romania.

Cronstedtite mineral

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Cronstedtite mineral

It has been found in Bohemia in the Czech Republic and in Cornwall, England.

Chemism. Chem­ical formula. Fe 22+ Fe 3+ (SiFe 3+ )O 5 (OH) 4.
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Explore museums and play with Art Transfer, Pocket Galleries, Art Selfie, and more. Recommended. Perna canaliculus From same collection. Abyssotherma pacifica Bronnimann et al., 1989 From same … Some new findings about the polytypism of the mineral cronstedtite J. Hybler 1, J. Sejkora 2, M. Števko 3. 1 Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic, Na Slovance 2,. CZ-182 21 Praha 8, Czech Republic.

It was discovered in 1821 and named in honor of Swedish mineralogist Axel Fredrik Cronstedt (1722–1765). It has been found in Bohemia in the Czech Republic and in Cornwall, England. A low-temperature hydrothermal product in ore veins. IMA Status: Valid Species (Pre-IMA) 1821. Locality: Pribram and Kuttenberg, Bohemia of Czechoslovakia. Link to Location Data. Name Origin: Named for Axel Fredrik Cronstedt (1722-1765), Swedish mineralogist and chemist.
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Huanzala Mine, Dos de Mayo Province, Huanuco Department, Peru. Ex. Dr. Art Soregaroli. Cronstedtite is an uncommon hydrous silicate that has a most unusual growth habit. If you look carefully, you can see that the Cronstedtite grows in conical-shaped Definition of cronstedtite. : a mineral consisting of a black hydrous iron silicate of the chlorite group, crystallizing in hexagonal prisms with perfect basal cleavage, and showing a dark green streak (specific gravity 3.34–3.35) Cronstedtite is a complex iron silicate mineral belonging to the serpentine group of minerals. It has a formula of Fe 22+ Fe 3+ ( (Si,Fe 3+) 2 O 5 ) (OH) 4.

All different, among others: anatas, albite, cronstedtite, garnet, lapis lazuli,  Den lista över mineraler är en alfabetisk översikt över erkända mineraler , synonymer och Sorter, synonymer, diskrediterade mineraler Cronstedtite, G, 1821.
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